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Made in the USA Matters: Benefits of Domestic Metal Fabrication

US-fabricated metal parts are essential to our national economy as well as international trade. Efficient domestic sheet metal fabrication bolsters the US supply chain, providing high-quality products with manageable lead times, so companies can remain competitive in the face of evolving expectations and other factors. This article will explore the benefits of metal spinning and laser cutting for manufacturers and the advantages of fabricating metal products in the US.

Metal fabrication is the third-largest durable goods manufacturing industry in the USEstimated at $20 billion in 2022, the industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 3.3%, surpassing $27 billion by 2031. Metal fabrication, including laser cutting and metal spinning, has become crucial for North American innovation and commerce.

US manufacturers use mild steel, stainless steel, sheet aluminum, and other flat metal resources to create metal parts and custom shapes. Various metal fabrication processes allow cost-effective manufacturing of high-quality and high-fidelity products. Two of the most commonly used advanced techniques are laser cutting and metal spinning.

Laser Cutting

The benefits of laser cutting are evident in the measurably exact outcomes produced by US manufacturers. What intricate products can fabrication teams make with a laser-cutting machine? Here are some common examples:

  • Decorative Panels: Laser cutting machines can produce intricate designs and patterns on decorative panels used in interior design, architecture, and even for enhancing agricultural equipment or heavy machinery aesthetics.
  • Jewelry: Detailed designs in earrings, pendants, and other jewelry pieces are often made possible through precise laser cutting.
  • Automotive and Heavy Equipment Parts: Specific components like engine parts, decorative elements for cars, or precision parts for tractors and heavy machinery are frequently made with laser cutters for utmost accuracy.
  • Electronic Component: Tiny, complex pieces of electronics, such as circuit boards, are crafted with laser cutting machines to ensure precision.
  • Art Installations: Artists often employ laser cutting to create detailed and intricate designs for their installations, including those made for garden exhibitions.
  • Medical Devices: Many medical devices, including surgical instruments and prosthetics, require the exactness provided by laser cutting machines.

The precision of laser cutting makes it a strong choice for industries that require high-fidelity parts. Talk to your team about the pros and cons of laser cutting or consult a laser cutting expert for more information about how it can support your manufacturing business.

Metal Spinning

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming, is a process where metal is rotated at high speed and formed into an axially symmetric part using a shaping tool. This allows the production of complex, high-strength parts quickly and cost-effectively, with less material waste compared to other fabrication methods to meet consumer demands. Here are some examples of what US manufacturers make with metal spinning:

  • Lampshades: Metal spinning is used to create intricate, custom designs for residential or commercial lighting fixtures.
  • Cookware: Items such as pots, pans, and mixing bowls are often made with metal spinning due to the process's ability to form seamless, strong, and evenly thick pieces.
  • Aerospace and Heavy Equipment Components: Complex, precision parts such as nose cones, engine casings, or parts for heavy machinery are often made using metal spinning due to their high precision and strength characteristics.
  • HVAC Components: The metal spinning process is used to create parts for HVAC systems, like flanges, duct casings, and outlets for air condition systems, due to its ability to create complex, seamless shapes.
  • Musical Instruments and Garden Decorations: Metal spinning can be used to create parts for musical instruments, such as trumpet bells or French horn flares, as well as decorative garden pieces like bird baths or parts for metal sculptures, as it allows for fine detailing and smooth finishes.
  • Art and Decorative Pieces: Sculptures, vases, or other intricate decorative metal pieces are often created with metal spinning, thanks to the process's ability to produce complex shapes and patterns.
  • Forestry Equipment Parts: The strength and precision offered by metal spinning make it an ideal choice for creating specific parts for forestry equipment.

Discuss the possibilities and advantages of metal spinning with your team.

Metal Manufacturing with the US Advantage

The US is a global leader in the manufacturing sector, and high-quality, cost-effective metal fabrication is vital for businesses to remain competitive. Let’s explore some of the benefits of sourcing fabricated metals from US suppliers:

Job Creation

Choosing US metal fabrication helps keep crucial domestic manufacturers operating and profitable, helping to bolster US employment rates.

Faster Delivery Times

Metal spinning and laser cutting help operators complete orders quickly and cost-effectively. Sourcing these services domestically supports a short lead time and ensures market relevance.

Reduced Transportation Costs & Emissions

Buying metal parts from US manufacturers means fewer import and export fees, particularly in areas with strict environmental requirements. Further, local fabrication reduces emissions during distribution, creating a greater positive impact than choosing an international supplier that holds to similar standards.

Community Growth & Support

US metal fabrication fosters tremendous growth within local communities. Increased job opportunities and accessible manufacturing services provide more options for career development and public improvements.

Why Domestic Metal Fabrication Matters for US Businesses

Sourcing metal fabrication services within the United States is important for the success of many US businesses. US-made steel, aluminum, and metal parts undergo strict quality control measures to ensure cost-effective excellence. By choosing metal products made in the USA, businesses can better ensure their positive impact on economies and communities. They know manufacturers make products with care and attention to detail, helping them develop marketable campaigns, sometimes serving local shoppers, and support workers, and sharpening their competitive edge.

To learn more about metal fabrication processes and how they can support your business, browse the KRYTON Metals blog.

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