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KRYTON Recognized as Employer of Choice & CFU Energy Conservation Award

For over 40 years, with Humility, Grit, Integrity, and Trust our team has strived to be the best it can possibly be and we’ve endured the turmoil encountered throughout the past year. Without our amazing team, our organization would not be recognized for these accomplishments and it means the world to our leadership team to be nominated by staff members as an Employer of Choice for 2021.

Recognition for how our Proven Process sets the standard for local businesses is what we strive for at KRYTON Metals. We’re proud to be recognized for our work and it means a lot to our organization to receive these awards as we have invested a great deal of time and effort throughout our organization to try and be a leader in these fields.


“When there is a high level of genuine trust within a company, vulnerability and connection becomes possible. I believe this is the raw material of a truly healthy culture.” — Kevin Harberts, CEO, KRYTON Engineered Metals


In metal fabrication, efficiencies can be discovered through a number of creative innovations, but one of the most important efficiencies that we can strive for is energy efficiency. We’re extremely proud to also be announced as the 2021 CFU Energy Conservation Awards recipient.

KRYTON engineers wanted to team up with CFU Energy Services to go the extra mile with our process’s efficiencies. Energy efficiency is core to what we do at KRYTON because it goes hand-in-hand with our process efficiencies. If we’re able to execute our Proven Process effectively, that means we’re being as energy efficient as possible, and that sure is something to be proud of. 

For more than 40 years, KRYTON Metals has been a leader in engineered metals. With decades of combined experience and a state-of-the-art facility in Cedar Falls, Iowa, our team of expert metalsmiths can cut, fabricate, and spin parts to match your specifications.

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